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System Optimization through Statistical Methods and Training
Process Capability Analysis Software
This program measures process capability in terms of fraction non-conforming using a unique modeling approach that estimates process capability accurately even when the fraction non-conforming is small (i,e, p < 1000 ppm). The program is powerful enough to handle virtually any process distribution.   It automatically checks the assumptions of process stability and normality, providing a graphic display of the process control chart and normal probability plot.  It displays a histogram of the data, with an over-laid best-fitting Johnson curve and cumulative probability graph. It computes confidence limits for the fraction non-conforming, thus indicating the risk with limited data. It measures how sensitive the process is to small changes in the mean or variation, thus indicating the robustness of the process.   The program has a process optimization procedure to find the minimum fraction non-conforming, or minimum net sensitivity, or maximum profitability.

This program also provides all the standard capability indices for normal and non-normal data:   Cp, Cpk, Cpu, Cpl, Cpm, and Cpmk using both long-term and short-term estimates of variation along with standard errors of the indices. Lower 95% confidence limits for Cp, Cpk, and Cpm are provided for dealing with small sample sizes.

  Click Here >>> to see a sample of the output from this State-Of-The-Art Program
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