Complex technology is incorporated into every aspect of today's modern products; from the smallest microprocessor chip in our automobiles, stereos, home appliances, and personal computers to the most intricate mechanical or chemical processing equipment. Increasingly, the use of state-of-the-art technology in all types of computer, telecommunications, industrial, military, and consumer products requires greater knowledge of engineering, science and technology to effectively resolve disputes involving or related to these products.

When it comes to legal challenges there is often a need for expert witness and/or dispute litigation consulting and contract disputes take less time and save more money with the “right” expert witness.

Applied Technology provides high technology consulting and litigation support specializing in complex technologies and asset protection disputes. Expert Witness Testimonial and consulting in the following areas:

Testifying experts across the spectrum of the physical sciences and technologies
Product quality and reliability evaluations and studies
Technology issues related to contract disputes
Financial and damages analysis
Technical Consulting: Technology tutoring and counseling for attorneys
Pre-Litigation Research: Market research for complex technology in connection
   with issues of damages and industry practices

Hammrubai Code Tablet

Hammurabi's Code of Laws #12. If a man has not his witnesses at hand, the judge shall set him a fixed time not exceeding six months, and if within six months he has not produced his witnesses, the man has lied; he shall bear the penalty of the suit.

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