We are proud to announce that Applied Technology software group pioneered the use of Maximum Sustained Profitability as a system performance metric in process capability analysis. The use of MSP will allow you as well as your company to maximize the long-term stable profitability of the process. You will discover in a short-time that the bottom line results of this approach are superior to any other business process improvement strategy.

Our fundamental objective is to have software products that offer methods at the leading edge of Improvement and Control Technology in the Quality arena. So, if you have tried other improvement approaches and are still not satisfied, let us help you achieve significantly better results. Let our software experts show you how to apply and derive the most benefits from these methods in your processes.

From our revolutionary process capability analysis optimization methods to our powerful statistical
tools and our strategic supplier management initiatives, our objective is to offer you the chance to
deploy methods that will give your company a significant competitive advantage and ultimately,
significant positive bottomline results.

Software Products: Process Capability Analysis, Control Charts, Measurement System Analysis, Quality Function Deployment, Sampling & Inspection, Reliability, Lean Response Surface (DOE)


Software Demo: Process Capability Analysis

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