In today’s business environment, managing risks in an uncertain future market is crucial to minimizing impact to your business and; to allow you to cope with complex operational risks in your daily decision making.  You can depend on Applied Technology's detailed Data Analysis expertise to support your organization’s decision making processes, increase efficiency in your manufacturing or design processes and to complement your other daily business analytic demands.

Our Data Analysis services provide you with a means of obtaining more information from your data.

A summarized, easy-to-read report indicating such aspects as trends, percentages, and comparisons.
Display the results of your data in lists, tables, graphs, and/or charts.
Highlighted in a separate section of the report, any specific information that you wish to extract from your data.

We also provide Data Analysis services that offer you a clear and concise view of your data. We can create spreadsheets that show specific calculations, or we can update an existing spreadsheet by consolidating information from other documents. We can provide you with additional information in a detailed report featuring such aspects as trends and comparisons.

Data definitions, requirements and issue predictions
Mearurement system capability
Data summarization and descriptive statistics
Point out interesting phenomena in the data
Reveal necessary and sufficient conditions
Point out cases deviating from the rules, specification, or control limits
Issue predictions for new cases, trends, and forecasts
We can help you finish your project sooner, saving you time and
minimizing the stress and anxiety of completing a research project.

We can assist you to do any or all of the following:

Select a topic and clarify your research questions
Write your proposal introduction and method section
Create a survey to answer your questions
Decide how many subjects you need in your study
Decide which analyses are appropriate
Manage your data
Conduct analyses
Create tables and figures
Interpret your results
Write results and discussion section that presents your findings in a clear, understandable format

We can handle your work overloads or perform specialized analyses outside the scope of your in-house capabilities.Once you have the data files and have targeted the information you want, we perform the data analysis for you. We quickly submit our findings to you, with a written report.

Tasks often requested:
Design and Capability Analysis
Statistical Sampling
Identifying Gaps
Analyzing Data and Comparative Analysis
System Performance Modeling and Optimization

We provide analysis support services for such projects as:
Internal Audits
Statistics required for Management Reports
Policy Compliance Reviews
Statistical Reviews of Inventory, Customers, or Product Lines

For information and/or inquiries: Tel: 408.266.5174 or Email : Inquiry

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