Our consultants have superior academic and professional credentials in addition to extensive industry experience. Our professional consultants will work with your design, engineering, quality, reliability, operations, marketing, sales, customer service, human resource and finance teams to assist in the design and execution of improvement initiatives in order to ensure that your organization’s value creation processes are optimized.

The need for improving business results by improving the quality of products, services and processes is driven by economic factors and customer demands for better products and services at the lowest possible costs. The tools and techniques to achieve a greater level of quality in the past may not be enough for today. The changing and evolving needs of society, customers, shareholders and regulators are some of the reasons your organization must continually improve its performance.

At Applied Technology, we work with you to solve your problems by creating operational solutions that fit your specific needs, your budget, and your schedule. Working in partnership with your staff, our consultants can help your organization achieve its business goals by providing:

We will work to transfer our knowledge and experience to your staff so that it will become a permanent part of your organization. Developing your in-house capabilities may require:

Your organization can acquire world-class expert guidance, analysis, training, and on-going support in the following areas:
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System Optimization through Statistical Methods and Training